As COVID-19 forces you out of the office, you may find yourself spending your 9-5 at home. Social distancing is important to prevent the spread of the virus, but neglecting your bone and joint health while quarantined is an easy thing to do. These three steps can help prevent damage to your bone and joint health you could normally avoid by travelling to the office.

Stay Active

Without your daily walks from the parking lot, to staff meetings, and on your way to the restroom down the hall at the office, you may notice the number on your pedometer dwindling. It’s easy to fall into a routine of sitting at your desk through lunch while working from home, limiting your steps even more. 

Spend the time saved from your daily commute by fitting in a workout, like a morning run or stretch session. Try setting an hourly alarm to remind you to get up and move. If you had a walking buddy at the office, send a reminder to take a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood to keep the same energy of accountability as before. 

Get the Right Equipment

Replicating the protective equipment from your office while at home can help save your back and wrist from unnecessary damage. Chances are your kitchen bar stool isn’t designed to provide the lumbar support necessary for hours spent in front of a computer. Investing in an ergonomic chair while working from home can help spare you from discomfort and injury. 

Work that may have previously meant walking to another department may now be reduced to an email, increasing your time on the keyboard. A wrist rest pad for your keyboard is an inexpensive way to prevent wrist damage due to excessive typing. Click to visit our patient education pages for more information on hand and wrist injuries. 

If possible, keep your laptop off your lap and closer to eye level. This will prevent you from craning your neck to work and promote better posture.

Stock the Fridge

With fewer distractions and less variety in your environment, you may find yourself more productive than at the office by hyperfocusing on your work. Before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you have nothing planned but your usual Chinese food delivery. 

Think ahead and stock your fridge with superfoods such as dark leafy greens, salmon, and edamame. These foods can promote healthy bone development and reduce joint inflammation while fending off your afternoon hunger.

If you are experiencing persistent joint or back pain, Summit Orthopaedics is here to help. Our office is abiding by all CDC and local health recommendations to ensure a safe and successful visit. Call our front desk at 208-227-1100 to schedule a consultation.