Conditions of the Foot

Did you know that the average adult takes around 5,000 steps a day? Also, most people have almost 8,000 nerves in their feet. That’s a lot of sensors to feel every bump along the road. If you're wondering why your feet might be hurting just think about how much they are capable of feeling and how much abuse we put on them without even thinking about it.

Let's get to know your feet a little better. Your foot is made up of 26 bones and 30 joints. Connecting these joints and bones are bands of tissue or ligaments. Everything in your foot smoothly works together to give you pain-free movement. If just one thing is out of place, broken, torn, or strained, your foot won’t be able to function pain-free. With so many little cogs and wheels working to move your foot, it makes sense that something could get easily jarred or jammed.

The amount of extra stress we put on our feet simply by wearing poor shoes is appalling, but most of us unknowingly do it every day. Usually, the root problem of your pain is simple and can be fixed with different shoes, shoe inserts or a new exercise routine to help stretch out muscles that may need a little extra attention.

Our doctors are specialized in helping with foot problems and will be able to help you find the most effective solution for your foot pain.