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    Stan Griffiths, MD

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    Greg West, MD

    Lance Turpin, PA-C

  • Waiting for the doctor can be a hassle, but at the same time, the physicians at Summit Orthopaedics try to give each patient the time they need to have their questions answered and completely review the patient's options.

    One way to improve the efficiency at your doctor's visit it to fill out the patient forms prior to coming in. This will streamline your registration process and get you in to your doctor with less hassle. Please print and fill out these forms as completely as possible.

  • We work with your Insurance - Summit Orthopaedics works diligently with your insurance company to make sure you receive the best support possible. While we work with almost all insurance carriers, it is important for you to call them and confirm your benefits and coverage prior to your procedure.

    Co-pay - one out-of-pocket expense is the co-pay. The co-pay is the amount your insurance requires you to pay the office at the time of the visit and the amount varies with different insurance companies. Some co-pays are as little as $10, and some are in the area of $30. Call your insurance carrier to confirm your amount.

    Deductable - Your insurance will usually have an amount that is your deductable - the maximum amount you are required to pay in a year for your injury or condition. Once this deductible is met in the current year, your insurance will pay the overage depending on the arranged conditions of your insurance plan.

  • The Physicians at Summit Orthopaedics bring together a diversified and comprehensive coverage of Orthopaedics. All are experienced and highly proficient at general orthopaedics, covering all aspects of spine, limb, and extremity issues. In addition, each of our physicians have areas of excellence - where they have expanded on the traditional procedures and knowledge and brought state-of-the-art techniques and superior processes that have proven to be less invasive and brought a higher level of success and benefit to you, the patient.

    While being specialists in Trauma, Sports Medicine, and handling difficult fractures, the physicians at Summit Orthopaedics also bring the acclaimed anterior approach to hip replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, superior spine surgery, and unmatched arthroscopic surgery. As a combined practice, Summit Orthopaedics unifies knowledge, experience, research, and the highest quality of service for the full range of orthopaedic care possible.

Patient Quote

"[Dr. West] is friendly and caring, with an excellent bedside manner. He inspires trust. I felt well cared for throughout these ordeals, and am very well pleased with my knee replacements. My life has been very much improved as a result of his skill and good care."
- anonymous patient review