FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have previous films (X-Rays, CTs, and/or MRIs) that were taken at another facility; do I need to bring those in for my appointment?

A: Yes, to assist your doctor, any previous films you have should be with you at the time of your appointment. You will need to contact the physician or facility where your films were taken and arrange to pick them up. (Most facilities need your name, date of birth, type of films, and appreciate at least 24 hours notice to get your films ready.

Q: I need to get my films from Summit Orthopaedics to take to another physician; how do I arrange to pick them up?

A: You will need to call (227-1138) or (227-1139) to request that your films be pulled. They will need your name, date of birth, the name of your physician you saw when your films were taken, and the name of the doctor you are seeing. Also, please provide a telephone number where you can be reached. Please call at least 24 hours before you will need to pick up your films.

Q: Do I need to wear special clothing for my X-ray?

A: If possible, avoid wearing any type of clothing with metal in the area being filmed. For example: if you are having a hip X-ray, you should wear sweats or warm-up pants (that don't have any metal) opposed to jeans (that have metal zippers and buttons). For your X-ray you will have to remove any jewelry or other metals from the area being filmed.

Q: I have already had several X-rays this year and I am concerned about the radiation. Is it really necessary to have X-rays?

A: An X-ray is only taken when ordered by your doctor. Summit Orthopaedic's physicians will always make sure that an X-ray is necessary for your treatment and care. Keeping radiation to a minimum, while producing quality diagnostic exams, is the top priority for our radiological technologists. All our radiological technologists are licensed and registered with the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists).

Q: I am or think I may be pregnant; should I be getting an X-ray?

A: While the radiation is minimal, always inform your doctor that you are (or think you are) pregnant prior to getting an X-ray. Your doctor may discuss any potential risks of having an X-ray. Billing and Insurance.

Billing and Insurance

Q: If I do not have insurance, what is Summit Orthopaedic's payment policy?

A: Payment is required at the time of service for regular appointments; however, for major procedures or surgeries, one half (1/2) of the total is necessary for a down payment.

Q: I have a question about my bill, who should I call?

A: Summit Orthopaedics' Business Office is dedicated to ensuring that all of your questions are answered. They can be reached at (208) 227-1177.

Q: Are you a participating provider of my insurance?

A: We are a CCN, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Traditional and PPO provider; we are participating physicians with Medicare providers as well. We are not a Champus provider.

Q: Do I need a referral before making an appointment with Summit Orthopaedics?

A: No. However, you should check with your insurance provider to find out if a referral from your primary physician is needed.

Medication Refills

Q: I need medication refilled; what information do I need to provide and who do I call?

A: Summit Orthopaedics has two dedicated lines (listed below) for prescription refills: Please be prepared to provide the following: 1 - Patients Name 2- Patient's Phone Number 3-Name of Prescribing Physician 4-Name of Pharmacy 5-Strength & Dosage of medication For Medication refills from please call 227-1150. For Medication refills from Dr. McCowin, Dr. West, Dr. Stan Griffiths, or please call 227-1118.

Q: How long will it take to get medication refilled?

A: Please allow 24 hours for your medication to be refilled. Please call a few days before your medication runs out to ensure that you will have plenty of time for a refill. Appointments.Please call the front desk at 208-227-1100 and allow 24 business hours for refill completion.

Set up an Appointment

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Call (208) 227-1100 for the Orthopaedic Surgeons: Dr. Stan Griffiths, Dr. Philip McCowin, Dr. Gregory West or fill out the form on this website.